7 Reasons Why Stone Benchtops Are Perfect For Family Bathrooms

Everyone loves the natural beauty, timeless elegance and luxurious style of stone – and so when it comes to benchtops, there’s simply no comparison.

But are stone benchtops suitable for busy family bathrooms which get more than their fair share of rush-hour traffic?  The short answer is a resounding ‘yes’.

Here are some of the key reasons why this naturally stunning material is perfect for benchtops in family bathrooms.

Number one – easy, breezy cleaning

Life’s too short to spend it cleaning – which is why low-maintenance stone is such a bonus in a busy family bathroom.  Sleek and grout free, the smooth surface is easy to clean and will stay hygienic and fresh, even with heavy-duty wear.

It’s worth knowing the difference between the various types of stone benchtops however, as this may have an influence on which one you choose for your bathroom vanities.  Quartz and granite are extremely hard natural products, whilst marble is relatively soft and porous.  Marble should be sealed otherwise it may mark and stain – whereas engineered stone such as Essastone, Caesarstone and Silastone are fully sealed and don’t require polishing or sealing to stay looking new.

Number two – hygienically safe

Every parent aims to keep their family safe and protected from harm.   When fully sealed natural stone products are used for bathroom benchtops, it means there’s nowhere for bacteria to hide and grow – so it’s safe and hygienic for precious families.

Number three – no need for harsh cleaning products

Because stone benchtops are natural products, there’s no need for harsh cleaners to be used in the bathroom making them much more family and environmentally-friendly places.

Number four – ideal for under-mounted basins

Seamless under-mounted basins are the most practical, easy-to-clean yet stylish option for family bathrooms because they allow water or spills to be wiped directly from the surface into the basin without any obstructions.   However, these under-counter basins can only be installed under a strong, solid surface which is why stone is such a popular choice.   What’s more, the under-mounted design allows maximum use of the bench top surface which is great for family-friendly bathrooms and enables the natural beauty of the stone to be showcased to its full potential.

Number five – beauty in strength

There’s no need to compromise on style and aesthetics simply because the bathroom has to have heavy-duty family functionality.  Stone benchtops offer a winning combination of robust durability, beauty, practicality and performance and will retain their classic good looks even after years of busy family life.

Number six – timeless elegance

Kids grow up and a family bathroom won’t always witness bubble bath boilovers, shampoo spaghetti, toothpaste tendrils or shaving cream shockers.  You’ll be rewarded if you installed a stone benchtop in your family bathroom because it will endure long after the last child has grown up, transforming the room into a timelessly elegant space that has universal appeal.

Number seven – long-term investment

Smart homeowners know that stone benchtops are an excellent long-term investment and can add value to the property when it comes to sale time.

It’s no surprise that people are drawn to the unique beauty and beautiful colours of stone for their bathroom and kitchen benchtops, but the added benefits of durability, practicality, being easy to clean and long-term value make it the first choice for family vanities.

If you have any questions about the different types of stone and granite benchtops or are unsure of which stone to choose, Granite World will happily provide expert advice. Get in touch with them over the phone (08 9249 3009) or via their website, www.graniteworld.com.au.  They are an established leader in stone and granite benchtops in Perth and pride themselves on delivering top quality products and genuine customer care.