Advantages Of Kitchen Granite Counters

When people walk into a kitchen which has granite countertops, they’re usually bowled over by just how stunning and classy they look.  But the beauty of granite is more than skin deep and its sleek and elegant appearance is just one of the many advantages that this timeless natural stone delivers when it comes to kitchen counters.

Let’s take a look at how granite measures up to some of the challenges that kitchen counters face every day.

Hot pots, toasters, oven dishesGranite is heat-resistant so it won’t scorch or mark when it comes into contact with direct heat.  That means you can take your steaming casserole straight from the oven and put it onto the granite benchtop without worrying about the surface scorching, blistering or cracking. You can also place appliances like toasters, electric frying pans and portable grills directly onto your granite countertop.

Dirty dishes, food spills and greasy messesWhen granite has been sealed properly with a silicon-based impregnator, it isn’t porous.  Nothing penetrates into it which is a huge advantage in a kitchen where spills and mess are part of everyday life.  It’s so easy to clean – all that’s required is a wipe down with mild soap and water and it’ll be back to its glossy gorgeousness.  What’s more, its smooth, sealed surface is unlikely to harbour bacteria or other harmful nasties so it’s a perfect choice as far as hygiene in the kitchen is concerned.

Sharp knives, heavy bags, clanging potsA kitchen countertop takes quite a beating.  From heavy shopping bags, food being chopped or sliced to heavy ceramic dishes being crashed down – it has to withstand some pretty rough treatment but granite is more than up to the task.  It’s super-strong and durable and once it’s been professionally sealed, it’s unlikely to scratch or chip.  However, if there are any mishaps there’s an easy solution.  Your professional granite installer can fill any indent with a type of putty in a colour that matches your granite countertop and reseal the surface to look like new again.

Pastry roll-outYou’ve seen professional chefs roll pastry or knead bread dough directly on the countertop – and you can do the same with your granite ones.  Because the surface is completely flat and smooth, it’s perfect for rolling-out pastry, cookie dough, bread, pasta – you name it.  No wonder professionals and amateurs rate granite countertops so highly!

But granite countertops in a kitchen are about much more than serviceability.  They’re also about timeless beauty and value-for-money.  Yes, granite is an investment but it should be thought of as a long-term proposition because it retains its good looks and functionality for years and years, outlasts other materials and adds significant value to your home.  Plus, no two pieces of granite are the same, so the unique patterns and huge variety of colours of this naturally-occurring stone will bring a distinctive personality and character to any kitchen.

Whether you’re renovating your home or building a new one and want to add some polished brilliance, granite should be on your radar for your kitchen benchtops, bathroom vanities, splashbacks and even bar-tops and staircases.

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