Put simply, engineered stone is blended of crushed stone bound together by a strong adhesive. The result of the process is a stone that has incredible strength and beauty with none of the maintenance requirements of natural stone. We are proud to be using engineered stone (quartz) in our factory.

We only use certified and high-quality products from Australian and European based companies.

Non-porous, hygienic and easy to clean

Engineered stone is a fully sealed product. It does not require polishing or sealing to stay looking new. Because it is fully sealed there is no place for bacteria to hide and grow, making the engineered stone a hygienic solution for all areas of the home and office.

Strong enough for overhangs or small areas

Unlike natural stone, the engineered stone can be easily cut to smaller sizes without running the risk of breakages. Its superior strength makes it suitable for use on overhanging counters or stone kitchen benchtops or kitchen counters. The variety of colours and styles means that engineered stone is the perfect natural look solution to compliment any home décor.

Types of engineered stone

There are many types of engineered stone. At Granite World, we are suppliers of:

All of these brands are very well respected and come with a warranty.