Our team of stone masons specialises (as our name might suggest) in granite benchtops.
Granite is an igneous rock formed by volcanic action and then slowly cooled over time. Because it is entirely natural, no two cuts of granite are the same with varying intensities and veins of colour as well as a speckled ‘salt and pepper’ type appearance.

Hard wearing and can withstand extremes of temperature

Granite is an ideal choice for areas of high wear, such as floors, commercial kitchen countertops or entranceways. Its beautiful colouring and look make it eye-catching and ageless, but it does require some maintenance to retain the beauty of the stone.

Maintaining a granite surface

Granite is considered one of the strongest natural stones for use in residential and commercial areas but, because it is a natural product, it does require some maintenance to retain its beauty.

If left unsealed, granite could stain. Therefore, it is important to ensure that your granite surfaces are sealed with a professional sealant before use. This must be maintained throughout the life of your granite kitchen benchtops. Please talk to our team for more information. With proper care, granite benchtop can last you a lifetime.

Where does our granite come from?

At Granite World, we source our granite mainly locally from Australia, Italy, Brazil and Spain.
All granite slabs are inspected by our suppliers before we purchase them to ensure you are getting the best quality available.