Stone Benchtops Designs that Can Increase the Value of your Home

Home owners have preferred stone benchtops for decades, and in a way since the beginning of time, not only for the sleek and natural look but also more importantly for the versatility and practicality of this kitchen essential. The stone Benchtops are perfect for families that use their kitchen for cooking and other messy projects. These benchtops are very resilient to stains and scratches and are quite easy to maintain and clean.

There are many different types of materials that are used for benchtops. Depending on your budget and the design you are aspiring to achieve, you can choose natural stones such as Granite, marble and soapstone or opt for engineered stones as your material. Generally natural stone benchtops are much more expensive and may be stained easier, but it is impossible to ignore the level of luxury that it creates. On the other hand, the Engineered stones are much more affordable and are designed to endure a lot more use and abuse.

No matter which material you decide to use for your new kitchen, an investment in a new stone benchtop always increases the resale value of your home. More important than the material you use, is how you incorporate your benchtop with the rest of your kitchen. Remember the vision you have for your home as a whole, and your kitchen and take into account how your family will be using the space. Don’t forget to take some time to match the colour scheme and finishes of your cabinetry, faucets and accessories with your new benchtop. The experienced designers at Granite World can walk you through all your options and help you make the best decision.

Most importantly, choosing the right contractor is the surest way to ensure that you get to enjoy the kitchen of your dreams and your investment will add value to your house for years to come. The professionals at Granite World have 15 years of experience, sourcing, cutting and installing the highest quality stone benchtops, vanities and other stone surfaces. They are so confident in their work that they even offer warranties on their projects to ensure Perth homeowners like you have the peace of mind they deserve.

If you need assistance with your natural stone benchtops, Granite World in Perth, Western Australia will always be available on Mondays until Fridays. We are always ready to give a helping hand when it comes to the beautification and maintenance of your natural stone materials. You can also reach us at (08)-9249-3009.