Why Stone Benchtops Are Perfect For Family Kitchens

In most households, life revolves around the kitchen so the work surfaces of this central hub need to be able to withstand the daily demands of family living.

So whether you’re building a new house to accommodate your expanding brood, renovating your existing family home or simply injecting new life into ‘the heart of the home’, your choice of kitchen benchtops needs careful consideration.

Natural stone products such as granite and marble, with their compelling combination of durability, easiness to clean and style have long been one of the most popular choices for benchtops.  Favoured for their unique and enduring beauty, stone benchtops are a practical and low-maintenance option and have proved their worth time and time again in busy family kitchens across the nation.

Want to know why stone kitchen benchtops are so family-friendly?

They can withstand extreme temperatures.  In the busy world of a family kitchen, there’s often no time to waste searching for a trivet or a board to place a hot pot or oven tray onto – which means that heat-resistant stone is a perfect choice.  Pots or dishes can go directly from the oven or stove onto the stone benchtop with no problem at all.

They’re low on maintenance and easy to clean.  Although natural stone is slightly porous and should be sealed to keep it stain-free, all that’s required to keep it clean is a quick wipe with a non-abrasive household cleaning product and a soft, damp cloth.  This fuss-free maintenance routine is a real bonus when it comes to keeping family kitchens clean and hygienic.

They last a lifetime.  Your family may grow up but your stone benchtop will never grow old.  Durable and ageless, natural stone will retain its good looks for a lifetime.

They’re highly scratch and chip-resistant.  Think about how many things find their way onto your kitchen benchtop each day.  Natural stone, with its superior strength and scratch-resistance will withstand constant use and is an ideal choice in a busy family kitchen.

They can be engineered in family-friendly profiles.  Stone benchtops come in a wide range of profiles to suit different needs and styles, with most families choosing rounded or bullnose edges to prevent injuries from sharp corners.

They provide good value for money.  An investment in stone kitchen benchtops pays for itself, over and over again.   They last a lifetime and will retain their natural colouring and unique beauty long after the family has grown up.

Whilst the hardness of stone is one of its key advantages, the material can be a bit unforgiving on crockery and glassware.  However, many young families often use plastic plates, cups and bowls for general safety purposes, so the benefits of the material far outweigh any concerns.

It’s evident that stone is an ideal material for benchtops in family kitchens – but it’s always a good idea to explore all the options before making what is a long-term decision.  Each type of stone has different characteristics and it’s worth talking to experts such as the team at Granite World to understand which product best meets your individual needs in terms of cost, practicality and style.  Granite World will provide, cut and install the highest quality granite, marble, quartz and engineered stone, so if you want top quality products and genuine customer care when it comes to choosing stone benchtops in Perth, you should talk to the professionals on 08 9249 3009 or visit https://graniteworld.com.au/.