Marble is a metamorphic limestone rock used throughout the ages for both practical and decorative purposes. Mostly pale in colour, marble is recognised by the streaks or ‘marbling’ within the stone.

Maintaining a marble surface

Marble is a relatively soft material and is porous. This means that it will stain and mark unless cared for properly. Although very beautiful, it is essential to seal marble regularly to avoid damaging the stone.

As well as stains within the stone, marble can be affected by extreme temperatures. A marble countertop, for example, could be easily damaged by hot pots resting on the surface.

Where to use marble?

Many people love the beauty and elegance of a marble surface but because of its higher maintenance needs, we recommend that you think carefully about where you wish to use this material.

Occasional tables, consoles, feature walls, vanities and marble staircases are popular places for using marble. A marble reception desk in businesses, large farmhouse kitchen makes a stylish statement. At Granite World, we pride ourselves in helping our customers to make the best choice for every project.

Where does our marble come from?

At Granite World, we source our marble from Italy, Brazil, Spain Indian and Iran. Because no two cuts will be the same, we take immense care in our selection to ensure that your stone gives you the look and pleasure you demand.